Are Bosch Car Batteries Really That Good? (Find Out Here!)

It is not a secret that German companies make excellent products. One of them is company Bosch.

The Bosch company manufactures many automotive parts which are of premium quality. But what about car batteries?

If you wonder should you buy a Bosch car battery, look no further and keep reading:

Are Bosch Car Batteries Good?

The Bosch car batteries are exceptionally good, reliable, and of premium quality. The company invest in innovations making new technologies available for their car batteries. You should be confident with car batteries made by Bosch just by looking at many positive customer reviews.

Bosch car batteries

The Quality Of Bosch Car Batteries?

Bosch batteries provide a power source that assures the high performance and safety required for every operation.

Bosch car batteries built quality is outstanding, and lead grids are state-of-the-art quality products. Their battery lead grid is punched, as only then are they able to achieve their unique structure. This is how the grid remains corrosion-resistant for longer.

The webs of the structure widen on the top. The structure ensures that electron paths remain short as possible. In this way, the current can flow directly without interruption. There are no more constraints thanks to a widen web when necessary.

Bosch designed the casing interior in such a way that the condensed water flows back into the battery. This ensures Bosh batteries are maintenance-free.

By the way, did you know that Bosch invented the Start-Stop system?

What Is The Warranty On A Bosch Car Batteries?

For Bosch car batteries, warranty length is from 1 to 4 years, depending on the type of battery.

Bosch manufactures four main types of car batteries such as Bosch S3, Bosch S4, Bosch S5 and Bosch S6. Where is the Bosch S3 entry-level model all the way to Bosch S6 high-performance AGM as a premium car battery.

Look at the table below to see the warranty length for each of them individually:

Bosch Battery Type Warranty Length
Bosch S31 year
Bosch S42 years
Bosch S53 years
Bosch S6 High Performance AGM4 years

If for some reason, the Bosch battery breaks down within the warranty period, the warranty will be covered, and you will get a new one.

How Long Does A Bosch Car Batteries Last?

The Bosch car batteries last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. In some cases, it can last much longer if proper maintenance is applied.

In the section below about customer reviews, you can clearly see that the Bosch battery lasted nine years for one person, which is almost unbelievable. But anything is possible.

It’s a common that Bosch car batteries surpass the warranty length, even if not maintained properly. But, always, it’s a good to watch out for maintenance.

But, check the link to see how does the Bosch and other car battery brands compares?

What Do Reviewers Say About Bosch Car Batteries?

When you want to find out anything about any product and how it ranks in the market, one of the best ways is to look online at what the customers say about the product.

We verified for you what ratings Bosch car batteries got from customer reviews. And they got 4.9 out of 5 stars in the customer reviews, which is to be expected because Bosch is a premium brand trusted by many.

Here is the list of a couple of them:

  • BL says that after nine years of use, he finally replaced the car battery with the same one from Bosch. He has confidence in the Bosch brand as a manufacturer of car batteries.
  • Dave bought two car batteries from other brands, which caused problems with his BMW, so finally, he purchased a Bosch car battery, and the problems disappeared. He recommends Bosch to be your first choice.
  • Pooky has used a Bosch car battery for years and has always had good, long-lasting service.
  • Mr Reese Kirk says that after a cheaper and unreliable battery left him stranded, he bought a car battery from Bosch, and he saw a massive difference, no power loss, and the engine cranks fast on start up every time!
  • Moocha purchased a Bosch S5 battery to replace the failing battery on his 2.0l TDI A3. Now, when it’s installed, the motor turns over faster and starts quicker than ever before. He recommends the Bosch S5 as a replacement where available for any vehicle.
  • Kevin installed the Bosch battery into his Audi A4 2.0 TDI, and the difference he saw was very noticeable. Now it starts the first time every time with loads of cranking power. The battery he replaced had been in the vehicle for ten years. Changing the battery also seems to have cured other ills for Kevin, including problems with the immobilizer. He is well pleased and would recommend the Bosch car batteries without hesitation.

Customers are very satisfied with the car batteries they bought from Bosch. Batteries from Bosch made a very noticeable difference in the performance of their vehicles, so they recommend Bosch car batteries to everyone who is looking to buy a new battery for their vehicles.

Where Are Bosch Car Batteries Made?

Robert Bosch GmbH, or simply Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and technology corporation based in Gerlingen. Robert Bosch established the company in Stuttgart in 1886.

In 1922, Bosch established its name in the lead-acid battery industry by producing batteries for passenger vehicles.

The Bosch car batteries are manufactured and distributed at Exide’s Salina, Kansas and Bristol, Tennessee facilities.

Exide Technologies’ global headquarters are in Milton, Georgia. It has production and recycling facilities in the United States and Europe. Exide’s European headquarters are in Gennevilliers, France.

Exide operates in approximately 80 countries worldwide.

What Types Of Car Batteries Does Bosch Produce?

German company Bosch makes several types of car batteries which are the following: S3, S4, S5 and S6 High-Performance AGM. They produce couple more types, but we’ll focus on these four.

These four are common types for nearly all vehicles out there. If you want to purchase a car battery from Bosch, those are the options you should consider.

Bosch S3

The Bosch S3 Battery is an affordable alternative for many older vehicles, offering maximum starting power and extended service life.

They are built with flushed tops to reduce the possibility of acid leaking, with reliable power in compliance with OEM specifications, and a one-year free replacement warranty.

To enhance longevity and dependability, it utilizes complete frame grid technology, extremely protective pocket separators, and durable connections on the interior.

It is 100% maintenance-free under normal use. It has a sturdy handle for simple and secure installation and transport.

It is built as a full-frame grid for improved current flow and less corrosion.

Flushed battery covers reduce the possibility of leaking acid, which can ruin terminal posts, battery covers, and the surrounds of a vehicle’s battery.

Bosch S3 type has 16 models. The range of CCA from the S3 type is from 335 CCA to 675 CCA. And range from CA is from 410 CA to 830 CA.

Considering the weight of the S3 battery type, it goes from 19 lb to 41.5 lb.

Bosch S4

The Bosch S4 Battery provides a strong start for all types of cars and has a long service life.

They are also built with flushed tops to reduce the possibility of acid leaking, with reliable power in compliance with OEM specifications and a two-year free replacement warranty.

Bosch S4 models come with free roadside assistance.

It also uses entire frame grid technology, exceptionally protective pocket separators, and strong inner connections to increase lifespan and reliability.

The same full-frame grid technology is applied here too, for optimum current flow and to reduce corrosion.

Under normal conditions, the S4 Bosch car battery type requires no maintenance. It incorporates a strong handle for easy and safe installation and transportation.

Bosch S4 type has 35 models. The range of CCA from the S4 type is from 450 CCA to 800 CCA. And range from CA is from 555 CA to 985 CA.

Bosch S4 models come in different weights, from 28.5 lb to 47.5 lb.

Bosch S5

The Bosch S5 Battery type is a powerhouse for recent car models with high electronic demand, offering optimum starting power and exceptionally long service life.

Bosch S5 models also have flushed tops to limit the danger of acid spilling, dependable power that meets OEM requirements, and a warranty of three-year free replacements.

All Bosch S5 models include free roadside assistance also.

It also uses full-frame grid technology, extraordinarily safe pocket separators, and robust inner connections to boost longevity and dependability.

The same full-frame grid design is also used here for maximum current flow and corrosion reduction.

S5 Bosch automotive battery type requires no maintenance under normal conditions. It has a sturdy handle for simple and safe installation and transport.

Bosch S5 type has 23 models. The range of CCA from the S5 type is from 320 CCA to 900 CCA. And range from CA is from 400 CA to 1105 CA.

The weight of the Bosch S5 series ranges from 24 lb to 61.5 lb.

Bosch S6 high-performance AGM

The Bosch S6 high-performance AGM Battery utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide constant optimum power even during short trips and stop-and-go traffic, up to 2 times longer lifetime.

The Bosch S6 AGM car battery type is also built with flush tops design to protect from spilling the acid from the battery.

It has reliable power to OEM specifications, great charge acceptance, improved vibration resistance, free roadside assistance, and a four-year free replacement warranty.

Free Roadside Assistance comes free for the first three years after purchase.

Bosch S6 AGM battery is the only choice for start-stop vehicles. It is constructed with full-frame grid technology, acid-absorbing microfiber glass mats, and extra strong connections on the interior to enhance longevity and dependability.

It is entirely maintenance-free (under normal operating conditions). Even in severely hot and cold temperatures, the starting power is consistent.

Construction is secure, sealed, and spill-proof. The battery can be orientated on the side (inverting is not recommended), it can also be used in the passenger compartment.

Bosch S6 high-performance AGM type has 15 models. The range of CCA from the S6 type is from 200 CCA to 950 CCA. And range from CA is from 390 CA to 1050 CA.

The Bosch S6 AGM series weighs between 11.2 and 64.5 pounds.

Who Makes Bosch Car Batteries?

Exide technologies make car batteries for Bosch. They also have an agreement about supplying and shipping car batteries for Bosch worldwide.

Exide Technologies is one of the world’s major makers and recyclers of lead-acid car batteries, operating in over 80 countries. So, they are very suitable for cooperation with Robert Bosch GmbH.

What Is The Price Of A Bosch Car Batteries?

As a premium brand, the Bosch car batteries cost a little bit more than competitors’ similar models.

With that said, that will not stop the customers from buying Bosch batteries, especially if it’s a trusted buyer who already used Bosch car batteries in the past.

Please see the section below and visit the recommended sources if you want to see current prices on all Bosch battery models.

Where to Buy Bosch Car Batteries?

Before any purchase, make sure you buy from a verified source to avoid being in a situation where your warranty will be invalid.

Here is the list of some of the verified sources:

  • Pep Boys,
  • Amazon,
  • eBay,
  • AutohausAZ,
  • German Auto Supply,
  • Global Industrial,
  • Pelican Parts,
  • THMotorsports

This is not a complete list of sellers who sells Bosch car batteries, so make sure to do your own research before purchasing.

Helpful Sources

Here is the full Bosch car battery list of types, and to learn more about them read this pdf document of Bosch car batteries as well.