Are Car Battery Blankets Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

If you’re not sure you need a lead-acid battery blanket, let me first explain everything you might be interested in before buying a blanket for your vehicles battery.

Let’s dive right in.

Do car battery blankets work?

Battery blankets do work in a way that keeps the car battery warm, not allowing it to discharge because of a very low temperatures. They are practically thermal insulators.

Car battery freezing outside in cold weather

What does a battery blanket do?

Battery blankets are essentially battery warmers, they warm lead-acid batteries in colder climates, where the battery will discharge rapidly due to freezing cold temperatures.

There are basically two main types of blankets, regular without heating abilities and with heating abilities.

Battery blankets with heating core must be powered through power outlet, and it needs electricity in order to keep your battery warm.

Depending on where you live, and usually when winter starts, it is a good idea to prepare your battery for the wintertime.

Winterizing your lead-acid battery will prologue its life for many years to come, especially when it’s a new battery.

If you had noticed that your car needs longer to start, or won’t start at all in the early morning when it’s winter and when it’s freezing cold, then you know car batteries and cold weather are not compatible. You might consider buying a car battery blanket.

What is actually happening here is that car batteries in very low temperatures, below freezing point will not be able to hold their charge, and it will drain quickly.

For example, if you park your car in the evening without protecting your battery, the very next morning you might not be able to start the car because a battery can drain almost all the way down.

If it’s the case when this is constantly happening, your battery won’t last a long time.

To avoid this unpleasant experience better consider investing in a nice warm battery blanket.

Are battery blankets worth it?

Battery blankets are worth it because they provide the heat necessary for the battery to stay warm, avoiding being discharged when it’s freezing cold outside.

Whatever battery you have it is always a good idea to preserve its healthy life for the sake of not having to change it very often for a new one.

You can imagine how expensive it would be if your battery fails frequently.

Batteries must stay reliable especially in the winter when we need them the most.

The last thing you want is when you need to go to the work in the morning your car won’t start because your battery drained.

If you just had that warm blanket around your battery it would not cost you a stressful experience, not to mention your wallet.

Battery blankets worth every cent, mainly in the winter or in the cold climate. This is not just my opinion. Many people already use this product because it just works and serves the purpose.

I found these on Amazon, and you can check out electric battery blanket and also a regular battery blanket without a heater.

I recommend these products 100%. Your money will be well invested, you will be free of worry that your car wouldn’t be able to start, and your battery will stay healthy for many years to come.

Do I need a battery blanket?

If you live in a colder climate where temperatures are freezing cold all the time, you certainly need to warm the battery when a car isn’t in use.

Or, if you live somewhere where winters are also freezing cold, especially at night when your car is parked outside, you definitely need a battery blanket.

In these cases, this is not if you need them, but it is only a matter of time when to install a blanket.

Instead of using blankets you can also remove the battery from your vehicle and store it inside a house till the next morning when you need the car again. This is not so convenient because you need to do this every day. It wouldn’t take you a lot of time, but it will add up through time.

This is one way if you don’t want to invest in a battery blanket.

But, bear in mind that at one point, it will start bothering you very much. At that point, you will begin to investigate the best options for you, and those options are for sure a car battery blankets, with or without an electrical heater.

If you’re asking yourself do you need somehow to protect your battery from low temperatures, then the answer is yes, you definitely need a battery blanket.

How to use a car battery blanket?

First of all, you need to choose the correct size blanket for your battery, which I will explain later.

The last thing you want is your battery not to be covered all around because you choose a shorter blanket or blanket to overlap too much because of a longer blanket.

  • Open your hood and remove the negative clamp from a negative terminal. Second remove the positive clamp from a positive terminal of a battery.
  • Next, remove the battery from your vehicle and place it in a flat place. The table would be a good choice.
  • If the battery is dirty, now it would be a good time to clean it.
  • Take a blanket and put it around the battery. (If a blanket is a little short or long, not a big deal, it will work well as well.)
  • Secure it well around the battery with a strap or some wires.
  • Take your battery and put it back under the hood to its place.
  • Clamp back in reverse order, first positive and next negative clamp on terminals.

And you’re done, this is all it takes. It’s pretty simple as you can see.

I found this interesting video on showing you how actually to install a blanket around your battery:

Can I put a blanket on my car battery?

The answer is yes, and you can put a blanket on your battery.

Blankets come in a couple of dimensions, because there are different sizes of a car batteries. Depending on a car batteries group size, you can choose a matching size blanket.

They are not dependent on a car battery type and weight, and also they are not dependent on a car battery brands.

But you need to measure your battery all around to get a proper size blanket.

For convenience purposes, it would be best to remove the battery from the car’s engine compartment. You can read how to do that in the section above.

Put the battery on a flat surface and use a measuring tape.

Wrap the battery around with a measuring tape, parallel with a top cover, preferable in the middle of a battery’s height.

Take a note of a circumference of a battery and look online or in a store corresponding blanket size.

The odds are that you will not find precisely the same size blanket, which is not a problem at all.

It is OK to be slightly off a few millimeters.

That is how to take measurements properly before purchasing a blanket for your battery.