Wish To Buy Car Battery At AutoZone? Here’s What To Expect

Reputable retail company AutoZone sell car batteries as well as many automotive parts.

Company AutoZone sell their brand of car batteries, but they also have other brands in the asortiman.

Car batteries at AutoZone are very interesting so let’s dive right into it:

Are AutoZone Car Batteries Good?

AutoZone sells good and reliable car batteries you can find today. Starting from the entry-level to the premium ones, all of them offer dependable power for your vehicle. Parring that with very professional and knowledgeable workers, you get the complete service everyone loves.

AutoZone car batteries

How Long Do AutoZone Batteries Last?

Most car batteries purchased from AutoZone have a lifespan of 3-5 years.

If your battery is four years or older, it is more likely to fail, and you should consider replacing it.

By official statistics this year, one out of every four vehicles on the road will most certainly require a new battery.

Read this article to understand car battery brands comparison and see how AutoZone’s car batteries compare to others brands.

Who Makes Car Batteries For AutoZone?

Clarios, a successor to the well-known Johnson Controls, East Penn Manufacturing, and Exide, manufacture AutoZone’s Duralast batteries.

Although AutoZone sells multiple brands of car batteries, Duralast is exclusively made to be sold through AutoZone.

Manufacturers for other brands AutoZone sells are:

  • Valucraft and Econocraft batteries – Clarios (Johnson Controls), East Penn Manufacturing, and Exide
  • ACDelco batteries – Clarios (Johnson Controls), Initially owned by General Motors 
  • Optima batteries – Clarios, LLC
  • Odyssey batteries – EnerSys Energy Products Inc.

How Long Is The Warranty On AutoZone Batteries?

AutoZone sells multiple car battery brands, and the warranty is different for all of them.

You can check below table exact warranty length on each model:

Battery BrandWarranty Length
Duralast2 years
Duralast Gold3 years
Duralast Platinum3 years
Valucraft1 year
Econocraft3 months
ACDelco18 months
Optima3 years
Odyssey4 years

Do You Need Receipt For AutoZone Battery Warranty?

To claim a warranty on a car battery, go to your nearest AutoZone store with the battery, original receipt, and government-issued ID.

If you don’t have a receipt with you but paid with a credit card, AutoZone staff can still find your purchased details and accept your warranty.

If you paid in cash and didn’t bring the receipt with you, it can be challenging for them to find any evidence of battery purchase to accept your warranty.

It is highly recommended to bring the receipt with you for easy identification cause it is in the best interest of both sides.

What Car Battery Brands AutoZone Sells?

AutoZone is recognized by the car battery brand Duralast. But this brand is one of many AutoZone sells.

AutoZone also sells other car battery brands such as Valucraft, Econocraft, ACDelco, Optima, and Odyssey.

Check this detailed Duralast car battery review to determine its quality.

Duralast Batteries

Duralast Automotive Batteries are engineered to provide dependable starting power and performance under extreme situations.

Designed to meet or exceed the quality of your vehicle’s original equipment (OE), endure harsh weather, withstand vibrations, and last longer.

They are Proven Tough and deliver dependability for consistently powerful startups.

Duralast Automotive Batteries come with a 2-year free replacement warranty.

These batteries come in forty different sizes suitable for most vehicles today.

They come in a range from 400 to 1400 CCA and 500 to 1750 CA.

Reserved capacity ranges from 45 to 450 minutes.

The weight ranges from 24.5 – 132.3 lbs for these models of batteries.

Duralast Gold Batteries

Duralast Gold Automotive Batteries are designed to equal or surpass your car’s original equipment (OE) quality while delivering greater power each and every time you start it.

These batteries are designed to provide greater performance, consistent starting power, and enhanced longevity even under the harshest situations.

Duralast Gold Automotive Batteries come with a 3-year warranty that includes free replacement.

They come in thirty-nine different sizes with a variety of power.

They also comes in a range from 370 to 950 CCA and 460 to 1000 CA.

Reserved capacity ranges from 45 to 165 minutes.

The weight ranges from 20.5 – 63.9 lbs for Gold models.

Duralast Platinum Batteries

Duralast Platinum EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) batteries are designed to withstand today’s power-hungry cars while outperforming your original OEM battery.

They are designed to enhance charge acceptance and cycle life dramatically, providing strong starts and ultimate power for current safety and entertainment technologies like cruise control, lane assist, multimedia systems, and heated seats.

A strengthened retainer, full-frame positive grid, and thicker negative grid resist corrosion and increase battery life, maintaining platinum performance year after year, even under harsh weather conditions.

Duralast Platinum EFB delivers dependable, superior performance in cars suited for conventional batteries and is supported by a 3-year complete replacement warranty.

Platinum models come in twenty-six different sizes with various power suitable for power-hungry vehicles.

They also comes in a range from 340 to 950 CCA and 425 to 1060 CA.

Reserved capacity ranges from 12 to 170 minutes.

The weight ranges from 8.7 – 64.5 lbs for Platinum models.

Best features of Duralast Platinum Models:

  • 1.5 times the cycle life of standard batteries
  • Advanced technology for current automobiles with high-power accessories
  • They are built for increased vibration resistance and endurance.
  • Complete frame For extended life, the positive grid, and thicker negative grid prevent corrosion.

Valucraft Batteries

If you need to replace a failing or weak battery, Valucraft provides some of the best auto batteries on the market, which you can find at AutoZone.

Valucraft offers an alternative for the majority of cars, and you can find the perfect match by filtering by year, make, model, and engine size.

Valucraft is an excellent alternative if you need a reasonably priced battery to replace your aged, worn-out battery.

You can read here detailed Valucraft car batteries review to understand if they are good.

Each one is built to the same high standards as an OEM automobile battery, but at a fraction of the price.

All Valucraft batteries come with a one-year free replacement warranty to assure dependability and peace of mind.

They come in nineteen different sizes suitable for most vehicles out there.

Valucraft batteries come in a range from 530 to 860 CCA and 425 to 690 CA.

Reserved capacity ranges from 45 to 130 minutes.

The weight ranges from 28.49 – 38.95 lbs for Valucraft battery models.

Some of the features are:

  • The Valucraft lineup has an ergonomic, fold-flat handle design that allows easy transfer and installation.
  • Cutting-edge LifeGrid™ technology ensures constant power and increased endurance.

Econocraft Batteries

If you’re in a hurry for a new battery but don’t have that much money, then Econocraft batteries are for you.

They are great budget options. For less than $70, you’ll get a reliable battery with plenty of power.

But with that low price, there’s a catch. You’ll only get three months of warranty.

You can read here detailed review about Econocraft car batteries to assess its reliability.

Don’t get discouraged by the warranty. Many buyers of Econocraft reported at least two to three years of use which is excellent considering the price.

Every one of the Econocraft batteries is built to the exact high specifications as an OEM car battery, but it is very affordable.

Econocraft batteries give higher starting power per pound thanks to cutting-edge engineering and computer-controlled production procedures, as well as more than 250 quality control tests.

They come in eight different sizes with OEM standards.

Econocraft batteries come in a range from 410 to 650 CCA and 510 to 810 CA.

Reserved capacity ranges from 45 to 130 minutes.

The weight ranges from 26.6 – 38.8 lbs for Econocraft battery models.

Econocraft battery features:

  • Provides enough cranking power for reliable starts.
  • Because the design is maintenance-free, there is no need to add water.
  • Starting consistent performance

ACDelco Batteries

ACDelco makes two types of car batteries Gold (Professional) and Silver (Advantage).

At AutoZone, you can find ACDelco Silver (Advantage) only.

For endurance, ACDelco Silver Batteries include an impact- and break-resistant plastic casing, as well as durable separator envelopes.

These car batteries feature corrosion-resistant terminals and are designed to be low-maintenance.

Integral gas separators and flame arrestor vents serve to protect against external sparks.

Premium metal alloys, chemistry, and design all work together to provide long-term performance.

They come with an 18-month warranty at AutoZone.

ACDelco Silver (Advantage) comes in seventeen sizes with different variations of power.

These batteries come in a range from 460 to 825 CCA and 575 to 990 CA.

Reserved capacity ranges from 75 to 145 minutes.

The weight ranges from 15.1 – 47.66 lbs for ACDelco Silver (Advantage) battery models.

ACDelco Silver (Advantage) features:

  • Overall, the terminal design reduces acid leaks, seepage, corrosion, and black post, allowing terminal posts to remain clean and corrosion-free.
  • Both positive and negative grids are made of Lead-Calcium alloy, which maximizes corrosion resistance, improves cycle life, and reduces water consumption to extend battery life.
  • For best performance, use premium metals and high-density paste.
  • The Envelope Separator design reduces shorting and “corrode-through” to increase dependability and battery life.
  • It is produced with hundreds of quality control checks to ensure ACDelco quality.

Optima Batteries

Well-known Optima Batteries company makes premium car batteries with a unique designs and outstanding performance.

At AutoZone, you can buy Optima RedTop and YellowTop car batteries for your vehicle.

Optima also makes BlueTop Marine batteries which are designed for boats and RVs.

The Optima RedTop is a high-performance starting battery designed for trucks, SUVs, and high-performance vehicles.

The spill-proof AGM construction is more vibration resistant and recharges faster than a regular battery.

Optima YellowTop Deep Cycle & Starting Battery is designed for harsh conditions where the battery must perform both deep cycle and starting functions.

Spill-proof AGM construction allows for most mounting options, is more vibration resistant, and recharges faster than regular car batteries.

Optima batteries at AutoZone come in twenty-two different sizes with performance power.

Both Optim RedTop and YellowTop car batteries come with a 3-Year Warranty at AutoZone.

These car batteries come in a range from 450 to 900 CCA and 575 to 1125 CA.

Reserved capacity ranges from 45 to 155 minutes.

The weight ranges from 23.01 – 61.41 lbs for Optima RedTop and YellowTop car batteries.

Features of Optima car batteries:

  • Optima is engineered to be spill-proof and corrosion-resistant.
  • The Optima RedTop offers the most powerful 5-second starting power.
  • Optima RedTop and YelloTop have a 2X longer life span.
  • For extreme conditions, Optima offers a high temperature and vibration endurance.
  • Optima offers cleaner and more powerful vehicle audio systems.
  • Optima Batteries may be installed in a variety of configurations.
  • Optima is designed to endure impact and vibration.

Odyssey Battery

At AutoZone, you can find two types of car batteries from Odyssey, Odyssey Performance and Odyssey Extreme.

Both are built with AGM technology.

Odyssey absorbed glass mat (AGM) car batteries use thin plate pure lead technology.

Because the flat plates are composed of 99.99% pure lead rather than lead alloy, they can be made thinner, allowing more to fit in the battery.

The extra plates provide a 15% greater surface area for additional power.

This sophisticated manufacturing design provides greater dependability and longevity.

ODYSSEY Performance car batteries, which are designed and manufactured exclusively for automotive-type applications and footprints, will efficiently manage the rising demands of start-stop and onboard accessories, giving twice the power and three times the life of ordinary car batteries.

The ODYSSEY Extreme battery is excellent in terms of size and power.

This line is the strongest you can get, with a legacy in the military and specialized vehicle applications.

The ODYSSEY Extreme range will deliver it all, whether it’s rugged terrain, temperatures, power requirements, or all of them together.

Both Odyssey Performance and Extreme car batteries come with a 4-Year Warranty at AutoZone.

At AutoZone, you can find thirty-three different models of car batteries for your vehicle from the Odyssey brand.

These car batteries come in a range from 170 to 1150 CCA and 280 to 1370 CA.

Reserved capacity ranges from 24 to 155 minutes.

The weight ranges from 15.4 – 77.8 lbs for Odyssey Performance and Extreme car batteries.

Some of the features of Odyssey car batteries:

  • Massive deep cycle reserve power allows for more onboard accessories.
  • They are designed and constructed to last up to three times as long as standard car batteries.
  • 3 to 10 years of service life
  • There is almost no maintenance required – no need to add water.

What Do Reviewers Say About AutoZone Car Batteries?

The best way to check the products of any brand is to go to their website and check the customer review section.

This way, you will for sure know if that brand’s products fit your needs.

We calculated for you that car batteries purchased from AutoZone received 4.8 out of 5 stars from their customers.

Which is a very promising rating from a reputable company such as AutoZone.

We have selected some comments for you:

  • Jay feels that the Duralast is the best battery ever. He has also been a Duralast believer for many years. This is the only brand of car battery he will ever purchase. Jay has had a Duralast battery that lasted him for over six years.
  • Bob purchased a Duralast battery for his 2018 Hyundai Elantra- Limited Edition. It was recommended to him as a direct replacement. Although it would have fit and provided increased capacity, the fit would have been tight. So, he decided to exchange it for the slightly smaller H5-AGM, which duplicated what the vehicle originally came with. Bob claims that both car batteries appear to be of excellent quality.
  • Tony purchased a new battery for his Jeep Wrangler. He arrived at the opening of the day at Auto Zone and was met by a young lady. She went above and beyond with research of the proper battery he needed for his Jeep. She then proceeded to install the battery and was very professional and knowledgeable about the installation process. Tony was utterly impressed and would recommend Auto Zone in Webster, Ma, to anybody looking for superior customer service.
  • Jeff claims that his battery purchased at AutoZone works perfectly. He bought it, and the tech guy installed it right there in the parking lot. Jeff’s Kia is purring like a kitten now. So far, he has no issues starting up his car. Power seems fine running the A/C and radio as well.

There are many more positive comments from happy customers out there.

Every one of them has had an excellent experience with AutoZone car batteries.

Does AutoZone Install New Car Batteries?

Yes, AutoZone trained workers will install your new car battery purchased from them.

Installing a new battery is also free of charge, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Can You Return A Car Battery To AutoZone?

According to AutoZone’s return policy, the company only accepts car batteries that have not been used.

But if the battery is bad, you can return it and always refer to a warranty.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Car Battery At AutoZone?

AutoZone has a Duralast fast charger, which can charge most car batteries in about 30 minutes.

This is very convenient if you’re in a hurry to save up some time because most auto shops need a couple of hours to charge any car battery.

Can AutoZone Tell You If Battery Is Bad?

Not only can AutoZone fast charge your battery, but they can also test your battery if it’s problematic.

The answer is Yes. They can pretty quickly tell if a car battery is bad.

Battery tests are quick and accurate, and accessible at every AutoZone in the United States.

Can You Take A Dead Battery To AutoZone?

Yes, you can drop off a dead car battery at AutoZone in exchange for a gift card.

You’ll exchange your old battery with a core when you make a new purchase.

The core charge is $22.

However, if you have an old battery that needs to be disposed of or numerous car batteries, you will earn a gift card for each battery you drop off.

Does AutoZone Come To Your House?

If you place an order for an eligible product at AutoZone by 6 p.m. local time and select Deliver Today at checkout, you can expect the product delivered the same day.

All orders are $8.99 for same-day delivery.

Your order will be confirmed, picked up, and delivered by 9 p.m. local time by an AutoZone delivery partner.

On the link you can find full list of all car batteries at AutoZone available.